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The Geelong selection decision that surprised Terry Wallace


Terry Wallace is surprised by Geelong’s decision not to select Josh Jenkins in their Round 1 side.

The Cats brought in the key forward from the Crows in the off-season to add to their depth and give Tom Hawkins a hand, but he has not made their final 22 for their clash with GWS.

“(Josh Jenkins being an emergency is) very surprising,” Wallace said.

“What we’ve always seen with foot clubs is get somebody from an opposition, bring them in, show them love, get them into the side, give them a position, tell them how they’ll fit into your structure, that’s normally the way it is done.

“Rather than bringing someone in and just saying we’ll work it out as we go.

“I would have thought he would have been a key part of their whole pre-season structure and that he would have been playing Round 1. It surprises me, but we’ll see how it plays out.

“Just from the outside looking in it is a surprise, but if you’re internal you might have a completely different look at it.”

Wallace also believes there will be pressure on Gary Ablett to hold his spot in the side.

“I like (Brandon Parfitt) as a player, I just wonder whether Gryan Miers and Quinton Narkle and a couple of these players developing has stifled his opportunity to get a game.

“They do have a lot of blokes that are very similar. When Eddie Betts came to Carlton people said he’s too old, I said Carlton doesn’t have any of that type of player, he’s not holding anyone out of the spot.

“Gary Ablett is. They’ve got players of his liking. So Ablett has to stand up and do his job.

“He’s been a superstar of the game and will probably still have a solid season, but they’re cued up at Geelong to play his role.

“They need him to stand up and do the job because it’s stifling for others who play the same role.”

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