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Cunnington's hair, brilliant Burgoyne, Docherty's return and Castelvecchio salutes


Bob Murphy, Andy Maher and the SEN listeners have named their ‘Drive Five’ from the weekend.

These are things from the last few days of sport that have put a smile on their faces.

Check out the top five from SEN’s Bob & Andy below:

1. Ben Cunnington’s new hair, old style

Maher: “He’s had some help.”

2. The debuts across the AFL
(Kysaiah Pickett, Mitch Georgiades, Sam Sturt)

Maher: “There was a kid playing for Port Adelaide called Mitchell Georgiades, he is something a little special.

“He can jump, he’s very exciting.”

Mitch Georgiades Port Adelaide

3. Castelvecchio and Craig Williams salute for Andy

Maher: “Castelvecchio owed me money. I was stupid to keep backing the horse when it didn’t win.

“And I can never find Craig Williams. Whenever I back Craig Williams, he puts in a shocker. When I’ve got the horse that runs second, it’s beaten by a genius ride by Craig Williams.

“On the weekend, Kerrin McEvoy jumps off Castelvecchio and Williams jumps on. I said I can’t let this bloke go around without having anything on it.

“I jumped on. He rode the horse perfectly, It never looked like losing and duly saluted.”

Castelvecchio Craig Williams Rosehill

4. Sam Docherty’s successful return

Murphy: “The footy didn’t float me at all, but Sam Docherty got one in.

“Two knees in a row. Just to get one in for his own psyche, and geez he played well.

“Don’t underestimate how hard that would be. Psychologically and physically.

“Looked like he never missed a beat.”

Sam Docherty Carlton

5. Shaun Burgoyne being Shaun Burgoyne… at 37

Maher: “There’s a bloke who is 37 years old who looked as fresh as a daisy.

“He’s magnificent, Shaun Burgoyne.”

Shaun Burgoyne Jon Patton Hawthorn

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