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Stood down Collingwood assistants still analysing games by text


Collingwood assistant coach Brad Gotch has revealed he and Garry ‘Buddha’ Hocking have been analysing Magpies matches via text during their time away from the club.

Both Gotch and Hocking were stood down due to staff limits placed on clubs by the AFL, but Gotch said that hasn’t stopped him and “good mate” Hocking from studying the game.

“Me and Buddha have been texting each other the last few weeks just sitting in our lounge room watching the game,” he told SEN's Whateley.

“All of a sudden you start to banter back and forward about what’s going on.

“(The game against) GWS last week and I go ‘oh gee, I’m not looking the like of this, De Boer has gone to Sidey (Sidebottom)’.

“I’m going, ‘what do you reckon Buddha?’ and he texts me back, ‘have a look at the congestion at the stoppage’.”

Gotch, who has had two spells as an assistant at Collingwood, said the texting has helped both coaches keep abreast of the team’s tactics in their absence.

“50 years of experience has gone out of Collingwood since we’ve been stood down,” he said.

“We were bantering a little about the things we might’ve had a look at.

“We try and test ourselves a bit with that current day method so we keep on top of things and hopefully when we do get back, we can have an impact.”

The 56-year old, whose official title is coach development and engagement officer, says he’s still in regular contact with those still at the club during his time away.

“I’ve still been able to check in with the coaches, we’ve got about 12 AFL guys and about half a dozen female coaches still there,” he said.

“The follow up from Collingwood has been extraordinary. I can’t complain about the communication that’s coming through.”

“They’ve been terrific.”


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