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Scot Palmer’s thoughts on modern-day football


Legendary Australian sports reporter Scot Palmer thinks modern-day football lacks flair.

While Palmer still enjoys watching today’s game he would like to see teams be more direct with their ball movement.

“I love football. It’s different (now)," Palmer told SEN's This Is Your Sporting Life thanks to Tobin Brothers Funerals.

“I did like the high marking; I like the ruck-rover combinations. I liked seeing Paul Vander Haar's high marking at centre-half forward with Peter Knights.

“Now it’s very athletic and it’s a brutal game. They hit each other hard. But it hasn’t got the flair.

“I used to like the one-on-ones and none of this kicking backwards, kicking sideways. Kicking forwards, that’s the way to go.

"It’s still a great game, it still captivates audiences and that’s the way football should be.”

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