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McLachlan defends "sensible" call to allow players to holiday in Queensland


AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has defended the decision to allow players and staff to remain in Queensland after the 2020 season.

Players and wider staff have the option of remaining in Queensland to holiday after the season, with the state government approving the call.

SEN Chief Broadcaster Gerard Whateley questioned the move last week, saying it was not a risk worth taking.

“I think that’s a terrible idea,” Whateley said on AFL Nation.

“I’m amazed the Queensland government is going to extend that luxury (to holiday) and I’ve been a players man the whole way through this.

“I think players should be out (of the state) within 24 hours of their season concluding, everyone would like to holiday in Queensland at the moment but it’s just not a possibility for a lot of us.

“The downside, which is so tangible and predictable, why would you open that as a possibility – I think there should be an edict that within 24 hours of your last game you’re required to go to your home state."

McLachlan however believes the AFL has made a “sensible” decision.

“Many (teams and players) are (coming home immediately after the season concludes) and some aren’t,” he told 3AW.

“I think it’s just a sensible position. They’ve been up here for many months, they’ve been tested twice a week, they’re going to stay on and have a break.

“People would say ‘they should come home immediately’, but they’ve been up here long before borders were closed in NSW and other stuff, they’ve been up here nearly 15 weeks, many of our players.

“I think it’s reasonable for them to stay up and take their holidays here. Others might have a different view, but if they want to, they can.”

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