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Sam McClure's comprehensive trade update on Brown, Daniher, Crouch, Saad, Cameron and more


The silly season is set to begin in earnest, with 10 of the competition’s 18 clubs done for the year after the completion of Round 18.

The upcoming trade and free agency period is tipped to be the busiest in history, as teams try and manage proposed cuts to list sizes due to COVID-19.

Sportsday newsbreaker Sam McClure provided an update on several in-demand players, including the likes of Joe Daniher, Adam Saad, Brad Crouch, Jeremy Cameron and Zac Williams.

Read the full exchange below:

Gerard Healy: Zac Williams, where is he going?

Sam McClure: Carlton

Healy: Adam Saad, is he leaving and if so where is he going?

McClure: I don’t think we’ll know for another week but I don’t think he knows whether he wants out yet.

Healy: Joe Daniher, is it Essendon, Sydney, Brisbane or an unknown club?

McClure: My money would be on Brisbane.

Healy: Tom McDonald, going or not?

McClure: I honestly don’t know but if he is going, I think non-Victorian clubs will be interested.

Healy: Cale Hooker?

McClure: Contracted for next year on a big deal so someone would have to pay it.

Healy: Michael Hurley?

McClure: Staying.

Healy: Shaun Higgins?

McClure: Not sure.

Healy: Brad Crouch?

McClure: Sydney or Geelong.

Healy: Ben Brown?

McClure: Collingwood or Hawthorn.

Healy: Jeremy Cameron?

McClure: Staying.

Healy: Harry Perryman?

McClure: Staying

Healy: Nakia Cockatoo?

McClure: Brisbane.

Healy: Jack Silvagni?

Sam McClure: Somewhere else (other than Carlton).


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