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Collingwood 2021 father-son prospect has "magical talent": Sheehan


Collingwood 2021 father-son prospect Nick Daicos has caught the eyes of many recruiters already, with veteran recruiter Matt Rendell saying earlier in the year that he is one of the best recruits he has ever seen.

AFL National Talent Manager Kevin Sheehan saw him for the first time in a game that also featured the top two picks of the 2019 National Draft – Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson – and says Daicos immediately stood out.

“I saw him for half a game and gee he was exciting. You know who his teammates were in that game? Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson, he’s playing at Carey in a game and wow,” Sheehan told SEN’s Dwayne’s World.

“It only took about 15 minutes to see him to see that he’s got some magical talent and is really gifted.

“When there’s no space, he finds some. One of those kids with a beautiful step through and kicks it like a razor bullet as well.

“He’s a nice sized boy too, looks like he’ll grow to about the 185cm mark and is really an exciting talent that will be much talked about come 2021 his draft year.”

Nick Daicos’ older brother Josh has had an outstanding year for the Magpies, breaking out as a key part of their midfield and forward line.

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