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Adam Treloar remains unsettled about talk around future


Gun Collingwood midfielder Adam Treloar has been left unsettled by talk around his future in recent days, according to SEN Chief Sports Reporter Sam Edmund.

Treloar, 27, publicly committed his future to the club on AFL360 on Tuesday night after Edmund exclusively revealed his partner and Netball star Kim Ravaillion had signed with the Queensland Firebirds for 2021.

After it emerged Treloar would stay in Melbourne and away from his partner and newborn daughter next year, speculation has been rife that he would look to follow Ravaillion to Queensland.

Edmund said while Treloar is still fully committed to the Pies, he has a “layer of anxiety” about where he currently stands at the club.

“Adam Treloar remains fully committed to Collingwood and nothing has changed,” he said on AFL Nation.

“But my understanding is he has been unsettled by all the chatter around his future for a second year running. I can say that he hasn’t been given any indication by Collingwood that they will or are thinking about trading him and that’s important to note.

“There’s a layer of anxiety there for him about what he hopes is just media chatter and nothing of substance.

“We can say as absolute fact that the Pies considered trading him to Gold Coast just months after signing him to that lucrative contract extension and the club were initially hesitant when they were told that his partner Kim Ravaillion had planned to move to Brisbane without Adam.

“Because the club has been kept in the loop the whole way through, they are said to have got their heads around the unique arrangement and are fully on board.

“Treloar is contracted until the end of 2025, it’s not a small (deal) and it’s back ended too so he’s done the right thing by the club to back end the contract and accept less initially.

“If he is to be traded, it’ll be because the Pies have forced the issue and really got in the trenches to make it happen.

“And if that happens, it might be like walking through the minefield from a PR sense.”


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