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Sam Edmund's update on Isaac Smith and Jeremy Cameron plus the latest on Joe Daniher


SEN Chief Sports Reporter Sam Edmund has provided the latest on three big names ahead of the trade and free agency period.

Edmund reports that veteran Hawk Isaac Smith has a big decision to make between three clubs, while he provided added detail on the “agonising” call GWS Giants forward Jeremy Cameron has to make.

He also has the latest on Joe Daniher’s move to Brisbane.

See the updates below:

Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)

“(Isaac Smith) has got three choices,” he said on AFL Nation.

“He stays where he is at the club where he’s had so much success or as an unrestricted free agent, he takes up that pretty nice offer at Melbourne or Geelong, who we’ve learnt this week has been there the whole time.

“(Geelong) are the sleeping giants for Smith.”

Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)

“I’ve said all the way through that I think he will stay (at GWS),” he said.

“It’s been a really agonising (decision) for him, I’ve always thought it was more likely that he stays purely because he loves his teammates and has no issue with the club whatsoever.

“I think it gets underplayed, it is hard to get players out of clubs so I think the odds have always been in GWS’ favour but the Cats, they sell that vision so well down there.

“The lifestyle would appeal to someone like Jeremy Cameron and it’s a really nice offer, so it is the big decision.”

Joe Daniher (Essendon)

“Watch this space on Joe Daniher fair to say,” he said.

“This might go the distance, the awkward nature of it is how do the two parties (in Essendon and Brisbane) come to a decision on what he’s worth.

“As a restricted free agent, it adds another layer of complexity and this could go so many different ways.

“The ball is in Brisbane’s court at the moment – they have picks 18 and 19 in the draft it looks like and Essendon aren’t going to accept those picks, so they have to do something better.

“Assume of course that their contract offer isn’t enough to trigger a first round free agency pick, I don’t think it will be and then if it doesn’t and Essendon don’t have that offer yet, we’re going to have an issue.”

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