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How much of Treloar’s wage would Gold Coast be prepared to pay?


Gold Coast is prepared to pay a large portion of Adam Treloar’s Collingwood contract next year, according to former Magpies recruiter Matt Rendell.

Rendell understands the Suns would pay $600,000 of Treloar’s wage and he believes they would happily give up their first-round selection – pick No.5 – in a potential trade for the midfielder.

“I think Gold Coast would (trade pick No.5) in a heartbeat,” Rendell told AFL Trade Radio’s The Late Trade.

“I’m led to believe (Gold Coast) will pay $600,000 of his wage, which is fair enough. We’re hearing he’s on possibly $900,000 for five years."

Rendell says his former club could lose “credibility” if they look to trade players out who have just agreed to back-ended contracts.

“The problem I see with Collingwood is if you’re going to sign someone on a big contract and then try and trade them out – and what we’re hearing it’s maybe (Tom) Phillips and (Mason) Cox as well - you’re going to start losing a bit of credibility when you start back-ending contracts,” he said.

“So keep pushing it (contract) back so they get a lot of money in their last year and then you say now we want to trade you. It’s really hard to trade people on that sort of dough.

“They (Collingwood) are clearly trying to get money out of their cap.

“It’s a lot of money to pay over five years for Treloar, he’s a ripping kid and he’s loved by his teammates.

“He doesn’t want to leave Melbourne I believe, and he thinks he can make it (relationship with Kim Ravaillion) work in Melbourne.”

Former list boss Stephen Silvagni isn’t so sure whether the Suns would sacrifice pick No.5 for Treloar.

“I’m of the view that I’m not as confident that Gold Coast would give up pick No.5 for Adam,” Silvagni said.

“I think they don’t have a lot of room (in their cap) so that would be a concern – I think they’ve had to pay some big money to their younger players to keep them up there – particularly their early selections.

“I would be looking at what success they’ve had over the last couple of years in bringing younger talent through the door and being able to re-sign that young talent.

"Yes I would think that the coach (Stuart Dew) would like an injection of more senior players through there, but I reckon that pick No.5 is fairly valuable.

“If I was on that list management team, I would like a player that was 23 years of age … I think Adam could make an impact at Gold Coast but there’s a bit floating around in terms of where he’s at with everything.”

Treloar, 27, is contracted to Collingwood until the end of 2025.

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