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Would the Giants be looking at the Treloar situation?


Is there a chance that Adam Treloar could return to GWS?

There remains doubt surrounding Treloar’s future at Collingwood after it was reported that the Magpies no longer want him.

A shift to either the Gold Coast or Brisbane has been thrown out as a possibility given that Treloar’s partner Kim Ravaillion has signed on with Brisbane-based Super Netball side the Queensland Firebirds.

But with indications that the Suns aren’t overly interested due to his hefty salary and with the Lions ruling out a move for the midfielder, is there another option?

Former Giants list boss Stephen Silvagni has put forward his opinion on the matter.

On SEN Breakfast, Tim Watson asked: “Is there a world or scenario in which you could see Adam Treloar ending back at GWS?”

To which Silvagni replied: “I know Adam and obviously he was at the Giants when I was there.

“I know that Adam really loved the Giants. I think they got to the point where the Giants’ salary cap was filling up.

“He’s an extremely loyal person. He did end up at Collingwood and was lured by Collingwood to go and play there.

“I would think that the Giants would be looking at this scenario right at the minute thinking is there a chance that they could get Adam Treloar back. Given the fact they’ve got so many players leaving that football club at the moment.

“I guess the story out there at the minute is that his partner is going to be in Queensland and that looks like a really good fit. But it’s just going to get to a point where how comfortable Adam’s going to be at Collingwood knowing that right at the minute it looks like they’re probably trying to push him out.

“Whether that’s for his best wellbeing, who knows?”

Did Treloar want to leave the Giants in the first place?

Silvagni added: “I think his preferred option would have been to stay, but having said that, he probably got a better offer at Collingwood in terms of a contract.

“That probably would have shored up his security in terms of his future.

“Looking at what’s happening in the background, I think that there’s a big contract there that’s hurting Collingwood.”

Treloar is contracted with the Magpies until 2025 making this situation a very tricky one to navigate for all parties involved.

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