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Alex McDonald's comprehensive trade update on Phillips, both McDonald brothers, Cameron and more


Alex McDonald from Hemisphere Management joined AFL Trade Radio’s The Late Trade and provided a comprehensive update on a range of his clients.

McDonald spoke about what Jeremy Cameron is worth as the Giants weigh up whether to match any bid for the restriction free agent.

He also admitted that Tom Phillips’ traditional wing role at Collingwood has “dried up”, leading him to considering his options elsewhere.

See the latest updates below:

Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)

“It’s been a big journey for him and he’s had experience in life going up to the Giants,” he said on AFL Trade Radio.

“But it has got to that point where after 10 years, he’s decided as a player and person it is time to move on.

“We all know the rules that the Giants have the ability to match it.

“From the outside, he is obviously a legitimate key forward and one of the best in the competition – whether it’s one pick or two picks, the clubs needs to work that out.

“There’s no bad blood here (from Cameron) and it’s clearly about the lifestyle, if it wasn’t Geelong then maybe the conversation would’ve been about staying at the Giants.

“From that performance point of view he takes full responsibly.

“He was frustrated and disappointed, especially on the back of the previous year and he’d be the first to say he didn’t cope well in the hub.

“Leon and the coaching group were really great in helping him get through. I think even earlier in the year in hub life, I think someone found him fishing on the pier one night, that’s the way he operates and he needs that balance.

“He’s put that behind him.”

Tom McDonald (Melbourne)

“Tom has two years left on his contract and probably the way it’s structured up with (Sam) Weideman and (Luke) Jackson, it’s meant Tom’s opportunity up forward is limited.

“He probably played a little bit heavier than he normally does and that was probably to play a more physical role in the contest, I think he’s dropped already two or three kilos.

“Tom wants opportunity, the club has been great and said there’s a spot for him but there may not be as many opportunities so that will play out once some key deals fall into place.”

Oscar McDonald (Melbourne)

“With Steven May and Jake Lever as well as Adam Tomlinson, Oscar has been squeezed out.

“He did play some forward and ruck towards the end of last year and the scrimmage matches this year, at his age I’m hoping he might be a delisted free agent if a trade can’t get done.

Tom Phillips (Collingwood)

“It’s fair to say Tom’s role has dried up (on a wing) with Josh Daicos and Steele Sidebottom playing there.

“He was hoping he’d get that traditional wing spot, he had a couple of really decent years so that’s probably what he needs to work through with a year to go on a contract and whether he’d happy to play a role he isn’t suited.

“The club has been great with Ned Guy and Nathan Buckley around, he’d play next year but it doesn’t look like it would be on the wing.

“He just needs to work through whether he has a better option if he wants to play at that part of the ground.”

Mason Wood (North Melbourne)

“He’s another one that covers the ground well.

“He probably needs to play a style of footy where the ball is moved quicker and he gets a chance to run around.

“He’s capable and still young enough.”

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