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Port Adelaide's next All-Australian, who deserves a pay rise and who to expect a big 2021 from


Roger Rasheed has delivered his Unconventional Club Review of Port Adelaide for season 2020.

Rasheed was asked to answer a list of questions about the Power relating to their performance this year and what they need to improve in 2021.

Have the Power got the right captain? If not, who?

Rasheed: "I love the solo captain, didn't agree with the dual role.

"Tom Jonas is the right captain; he's strong, solid, it's all about the actions more so than the commentary."

Tim Watson: "Snap (Jonas), a great leader. Inspired choice."

Who is the Power's next All-Australian?

Rasheed: "I like Connor Rozee. I love what he brings to the table.

"I think he's going to have a full year next year which is going to elevate him into that space."

Tim Watson: "I like Xavier Duursma to be their next All-Australian on that wing."

If “player x” plays well, the Power are always a chance of winning?

Rasheed: "Ollie Wines. I think he carries a lot of people on his shoulders."

Tim Watson: "Robbie Gray for me. When he goes on the ball things happen, when he's in the forward line things happen.

"He's still such a dynamic player that can change the course of a game."

Left-field trade option?

Rasheed: "Port Adelaide as a club haven't asked anybody to leave and nobody has asked to look at other options.

"I sit neutral on this."

Tim Watson: "I think this guy (Steven Motlop) has still got some currency, and he kicked some goals in moments during the finals.

"If you're going to get (Orazio) Fantasia in then maybe there's going to be less game time for him."

Left-field trade target?

Rasheed: "I know there's been some names thrown around, Aliir Aliir was one from Sydney.

"Does he come over and expose himself to a new club?"

Tim Watson: "Aliir Aliir, that type of player. They need to replace that type of player (Justin Westhoff).

Which player is deserving of a pay rise?

Rasheed: "Tom Clurey. Key defender and does a pretty good job week in, week out."

Tim Watson: "Dan Houston. I don't think he's on a lot either and I think he's done a great job.

Who deserves a pay cut?

Rasheed: "Ollie Wines is our highest paid player. I want an elite year out of him otherwise I'd want a bit back.

"He's a good friend of mine."

Tim Watson: "Ryan Burton only played eight games and that's because of injury. That's a tough one."

Expect a big 2021 from?

Rasheed: I like Mitch (Georgiades). My big one is (Xavier) Duursma.

"I think he's going to pull the trigger and elevate himself."

Tim Watson: "Mitch Georgiades."

Big positional change in 2021?

Rasheed: I want Rozee and Houston as full-time midfielders in the rotation."

Tim Watson: "I want Rozee, Butters, Georgiades and Duursma to spend less time on the track and more time in the gym."

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