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Garry Winter's comprehensive update on Betts, Crouch, Jong and Hartigan


Player manager Garry Winter has provided a comprehensive update on several of his key clients, including Eddie Betts, Brad Crouch and Kyle Hartigan.

Speaking to Julian De Stoop and Brendon Goddard on AFL Trade Radio, Winter confirmed that Betts has re-signed with Carlton for 2021, while also shedding more light on how the Crouch deal to St Kilda was finalised.

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Eddie Betts (Carlton)

“There was never a doubt that a deal was going to be done,” he told AFL Trade Radio’s Trade Mornings.

“There were just minor details as Eddie and the club said publicly that we needed to work through for next year.

“Carlton had fully committed to Eddie for next year once he said was going to keep going which is fantastic for him.

“It was more around the structure and finer details of the contract, the club was very respectful of their senior players and leaving some of those decisions up to them.

“Eddie feels like he has a huge amount to offer for the club and wants to take his game to the next level next year.”

Brad Crouch

“It’s not certaintly about the money and terms of a contract, it’s about where Brad would fit in with a club."

“After speaking with (St Kilda coach) Brett Ratten a number of times, Brad really felt that the Saints and where they were going next year was a good fit for him.

“Thankfully we were able to do a great five-year deal with them which is what we’ve been saying to both St Kilda and the Crows, we were very pleased to achieve that.

“There was a sense of relief that Adelaide (didn’t match) because otherwise the next processes would’ve need to have been followed.”

Kyle Hartigan

“We had open discussions with the Crows and the position with their list is there was no chance they were going to offer Kyle more than a one-year deal.

“They were adamant about that and we accepted it, we told them we wanted a two-year deal and the security so we went out and starting to talking to some of clubs that we thought we would have interest.

“It was clear that there was a lot of interest, Kyle had a fantastic season and really dominated in that full back position.

“It wasn’t a hard sell for Kyle, most of the list managers knew him and liked him. On top of all of that, not only is he a prodigious defensive talent on the field, he’s a fantastic bloke off the field and clubs were interested in getting that from a senior leadership point of view.

“We were really pleased to get him a two-year deal plus a trigger and Kyle is really stoked with that.”

Lin Jong (Western Bulldogs)

“He’ll be back at the Dogs in 2021 and happily so."

“He’s had a bit of misfortune in terms of his injuries, but again he’s an absolutely terrific bloke and works really hard.

“With Lin, we are just waiting for him to get a bit of luck and string some games together.

“He’s been in and out of the team too much so it’s about getting that consistency, but credit to the Bulldogs – they respect him and want to see him in full flight.

“(The finalisation of the contract is) just taking a lot longer than it normally would (because of list sizes), the offer has been made and has been accepted for Lin.

“He’ll be going around again.”

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