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Tom Phillips completely content with Collingwood exit


Both Adam Treloar and Jaidyn Stephenson have stated they’re “hurt” by the way their exits from Collingwood were handled, but Tom Phillips is perfectly content with how his situation played out.

Phillips was traded to Hawthorn for pick 65 as the trade period came to a close, with Kane Cornes referring to the trade as a “robbery”.

The wingman has played 89 career games, averaging 22 disposals and five marks per game across his career.

While he doesn’t wish to speak for the others, Phillips is happy with where things sit.

“I can’t talk on behalf of (the other guys who were traded), they’re all good Collingwood people, I’ve had so much support and messaging from everyone at Collingwood, there’s a lot of people disappointed to see me leave, but also excited about the opportunity that lies ahead,” Phillips told SEN’s Dwayne’s World.

“In my personal case, I’m pretty rapt and throughout this whole period I’ve kept a really open mind with what could occur because for me there was every opportunity that I’d be playing for Collingwood into 2021 and at the same time there was also opportunity elsewhere if the right fit came up.

“I was never ready to lean one way or the other, I always of the belief that I’d embrace any opportunity that would fit best for me and my future and the greater good of the club.

“Chatting to Buckley, we had some pretty good discussions and those conversations were based on the greater good of the club and that’s what we all need to remember.

“I think sometimes as individuals we can think our case is more important than the next person or the company or the football club, but at the same time the football club, there’s a lot of people within every club and they make it work.

“It’s not one person, it’s many, so the conversations that came up for me, there was a different dynamic the club was wanting to go and that was totally understandable.”

Phillips said discussions about his future began during the season.

“It’s something that was discussed during the year, more so towards the back end of the year after I got injured,” he said.

“All conversations were maturely had and it can get a bit tense sometimes and a little bit emotional, but it’s the name of the game and I think both parties and everyone involved has got a positive out of it.

“In my case it’s all been really well handled and maturely with both parties.

“I think from my perspective, I’ve been very lucky and privileged to be part of one of the greatest clubs in Australia and I’ll still hold that perspective.

“You move different clubs and these things happen and this is the environment. The footy industry, this is the business and that’s what we all need to accept and there’s no issues with that, that’s how it goes.

“For me, I’ve been lucky to have the greatest five years of my life at Collingwood and I think all the fans, the staff, the coaching staff, all the players and lifelong friends I’m going to have from that great club and a club I was a part of for those years.

“I’m really excited to get to a new club in Hawthorn that’s also a really good club.”

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