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Moloney speaks out on Las Vegas Boxing robbery


It was the result that shocked many around the Boxing world.

Australian boxer Andrew Moloney was controversially denied the WBA Super Flyweight title after a no-contest was ruled before the beginning of the third round of his bout with opponent Joshua Franco.

After dominating the early stages of the contest, Moloney was on the ropes celebrating after the doctor ruled Franco was unable to continue the fight.

It came as a result of Franco's eye swelling to a point where he could not compete which was deemed to have been from an accidental headbutt in the first round by Moloney.

After a twenty-six-minute review of the tape, the decision was upheld much to the dismay of Moloney who expressed his feelings on the decision on SEN’s The Jimmy Smith Show.

“Physically, I feel great, I feel like I haven’t even been in a fight, it was a pretty easy night’s work,” Moloney said.

“Emotionally, (I feel) devastated that they didn’t give me the result which I worked so hard for and deserved last night.

“I’ve spent a lot of time away, a lot of sacrifice and that was all to have that World title strapped around my waist and that’s what should of happened last night but somehow they took it away from me.”

When asked if there was a headbutt that caused the swelling of the eye of Franco, Moloney emphatically denied that was the case.

“No, there was no headbutt.

“They went over the instant replay, which they use in Nevada, which is supposed to stop things like this from happening.

“They looked over the instant replay after the fight for half an hour while we were waiting in the ring for the decision and there was no footage of anywhere where my head went near his eye but there was plenty of clear footage of some punches that I threw that landed directly on his eye which caused the swelling.

“I knew that, and he knew that, but for some reason they didn’t overturn the decision and he kept hold of the belt.”

It was a decision that caused uproar around the globe and drew plenty of backlash from analysts.

Hear what Moloney and his team are doing to have the decision overturned and the possibility of a third fight with Franco to be held in Australia in the player below:

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