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Dal Santo's three New Year's resolutions for Richmond


Nick Dal Santo has outlined his New Year’s resolutions for reigning premiers Richmond.

Given the Tigers have won three of the last four premierships, they enter 2021 without the need for much change, but Dal Santo has picked out three areas to focus on.

See his thoughts from SEN Breakfast below:

Simply be in a position to launch for September

“We don’t say this about many teams. What they have shown to us, like few other clubs have been able to do, they have ups and downs throughout the year, they had as many as any club last year, but they also have the ability when healthy and fit to change gears,” Dal Santo said.

“They can just turn it on and I don’t say that about many clubs, but they do.

“So don’t be surprised if they have some fluctuations, don’t be surprised if Dustin Martin is going through the motions.

“What we’ve seen, particularly with Dustin and the majority of their players is that when it gets serious, they’re ready to roll.”

Noah Balta to make the All-Australian squad

“He has the capabilities, and I know he’s been compared to the Alex Rance role and rightly so, but he has the capabilities to be that good right away.”

“He makes a few mistakes along the way, but you’ve got to accept that at times from a young defender, but when you’re that aggressive and that proactive you’ve got to take the good with the bad.”

Learn about your kids

“I think they’ve got the opportunity this year to learn about some kids.”

“I’m a huge fan of Patrick Naish and the person that he has a bit of cheek about him, which I think the game needs, but I also think he could be a good player.

“So someone like a Naish, and there’s probably a handful of others, but I wanted to highlight him specifically because they need to find the next group.

“This group won’t be together forever so who’s the next group coming through?”

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