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Hawks defender “has to go” for "ridiculous" late hit


Hawthorn defender Kyle Hartigan should be suspended for his late hit to the back of Tom Hawkins’ head, says SEN host Andy Maher.

Hawkins received a 50-metre penalty after being struck over the head by Hartigan after the Geelong star had taken the mark.

Match Review Officer Michael Christian is yet to hand down his findings from the Easter Monday thriller between the Hawks and Cats.

“Unfortunately, the boy Hartigan has to go. He has to get weeks,” Maher told SEN’s Bob and Andy.

“And it’s a real test of the Match Review Officer here for the whack on the back of Tom Hawkins’ head after Hawkins had taken a mark.

“It’s a roundarm thump to the back of the head. It was just ridiculous."

Maher said Hartigan's high hit on Hawkins should be graded as intentional.

“Here’s a test of ‘Chrisso’s’ and the game’s capacity to prosecute intention - because it was intentional, he absolutely knew what he was doing," Maher said.

“It is not careless; he was not trying to punch the ball. He was punching the bloke in the back of the head.

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“The conduct I think was intentional and the contact was high, not to the body. The only thing that I think is debatable is the degree of impact.

“I think they’ll go intentional, low (impact), high and I think he’ll get a week.”

As things stand, Hawks backman Hartigan is free to play against Fremantle on Sunday.

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