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Collingwood could be handed financial sanction as AFL "asks the question" over phone use


The AFL’s integrity department will ask Collingwood why two injured players were caught on camera using mobile phones in the rooms during Friday night’s clash against West Coast, according to SEN Chief Sports Reporter Sam Edmund.

Jordan De Goey (face and concussion) and Jeremy Howe (hamstring) failed to finish the clash as a result of respective injuries, with cameras capturing them using their phones in the rooms while the match was still in progress.

Mobile phone used is banned for players during matches, with several club officials permitted to use them instead.

“The AFL integrity department will ask the question to Collingwood about mobile phone use pertaining to Jordan De Goey and Jeremy Howe,” Edmund reported on SEN’s Crunch Time.

“Those watching at home (on Friday night) would’ve seen the Channel 7 cameras capture (Jordan) De Goey taking his phone out during the game after he was ruled out for concussion, not only his own phone but Jeremy Howe’s too.

“AFL rules state that mobile phones can’t be used siren to siren for betting reasons.

“Each club has an approved list of 10 people plus the media department who can use phones during games and players aren’t on that list.

“It’s not a hanging offence at this stage, but the AFL is going to ask the question and it could lead to a financial sanction for the club.

“I don’t think the league would’ve liked the look of it on primetime television of players grabbing their mobile phones.

“It could be innocent enough, but for those saying they were injured and wanted to call loved ones – that’s what the football manager has approval for to use a mobile phone during the game.

“The AFL didn’t like it and they’re going to ask the question.”


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