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“There's definitely concerns": Tye explains reasons for leaving IPL


Fast bowler AJ Tye says health fears and travel concerns were the main reasons behind his decision to leave the Indian Premier League.

Daily COVID-19 cases in India are soaring towards 350,000 and Western Australia, Tye’s home state, are halving international arrivals for the next month.

Being isolated in hubs and bio-secure bubbles has “taken its toll” on the Rajasthan Royals and WA quick.

“There was a number of reasons but the main one was the situation that’s started to happen back home in Perth,” Tye told SEN WA Breakfast with Gilly and Goss.

“With a lot of cases in Australia in hotel quarantine coming out of India and now there’s been a community case spread in Perth and governments are now trying to restrict numbers coming back in, especially WA.

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“I just thought to try and get on the front foot and get home before I get locked out of the country. It’s been a long time in a hub – I was doing the calculations earlier and I think I’ve had 11 days at home out of bubbles and hubs since August.

“For me and the person that I am, I just wanted to get home and dealing with the stress of bubble life has taken its toll.”

Tye expects more Australians to exit the IPL as COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket with matches soon to be scheduled in Delhi – one of the worst affected cities by the infectious disease.

There are 16 Australian players and coaches currently involved in this year’s IPL.

“There's definitely concerns,” Tye added.

“A lot of guys have been in touch today once they’ve actually realised I was leaving or was leaving.

“Some of the guys are very interested in what route I took home and how I approached it. Other guys are just happy to make sure I'm OK and make sure I'm in a good space.

“There are some concerns. I'm not sure if I'll be the only one, but that's too early for me to say.”

Almost 350,000 new positive COVID cases were officially recorded across India on Sunday.

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