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King and Whateley give their expectations for Lycett ban


Port Adelaide ruckman Scott Lycett will face the AFL Tribunal for a dangerous sling tackle on Adelaide’s Ned McHenry.

The incident left the Crows forward concussed and both Gerard Whateley and David King feel the tackle is worth a month on the sidelines.

“Alex Neal-Bullen got four weeks for this last year, so the Tribunal has to do its work now. They set four weeks for the exact same action. So could you please just do what the game requires,” Whateley said.

King went so far as to say the Tribunal system should be overhauled if the Power ruckman isn’t suspended for four games.

“If they don’t give him four weeks, overhaul,” King told SEN’s Whateley.

“We’ve had this conversation … how many incidents did we have in this round alone? I’m not blaming Michael Christian. I’m just talking about the whole system.

“I don’t know if our starting points are too low. Is one week really a deterrent to not elbow someone? I can understand the Fritsch one because he had possession of the ball and he got it wrong, it was clumsy and maybe that shouldn’t cost you a game.”

GWS forward Jeremy Finlayson was suspended for a week after elbowing Essendon star Zach Merrett.

King however believes it should have been a multi-week ban.

“This Finlayson one is not an action we have in our game in any way shape or form. Clubbing blokes with your elbow. Does it slide off his shoulder? Probably, but what the hell are you doing elbowing a bloke’s shoulder anyway?” King said.

“And what do they do? They smack him with a wet lettuce leaf. Come on.”

Whateley agreed, adding: “I don’t understand what we’re doing. I don’t. Last week the MRO did the right thing putting Bayley Fritsch up, the Tribunal did the wrong thing letting him off.

“How we believe Jeremy Finlayson is a one-week suspension for a rank elbow, I don’t know where we are there.

“He ran at a player with a deliberately raised elbow.”

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