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Bob and Andy's Joel Brooks Medal votes: Round 12


This year, Bob Murphy and Andy Maher will be awarding the Joel Brooks Medal to the fourth-year player that has the best season, breaking out after three years of development in the league.

On SEN’s Bob and Andy, the pair will be handing out weekly votes, with a running leaderboard to be kept here.

Which fourth year player will break out and become a star in 2021?

“We have a philosophy that in the fourth year of player’s careers they take off. They take flight. They become the player that by the end of their career we know them for,” Murphy explained on SEN’s Bob and Andy.

“In the American system you have three years of college, then you turn pro. So these players that are eligible are in their fourth year of league footy.”

The medal is named after SEN producer Joel Brooks, who came up with the concept.

Here are their votes from Round 12:

5. Liam Ryan (West Coast)

4. Aaron Naughton (Western Bulldogs)

3. Zac Bailey (Brisbane)

2. Jack Higgins (St Kilda)

1. Tom McCartin (Sydney)

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20 – Tim Kelly

18 – Aaron Naughton

16 – Andrew Brayshaw

10 - Bayley Fritsch

9 – Oscar Allen

9 - Changkuoth Jiath

9 – Zac Bailey

8 – Adam Cerra

8 – Brandon Starcevich

7 – Jack Henry

6 – Hunter Clark

6 - Oscar McInerney

5 – Lachie Fogarty

5 – Sam Taylor

5 - Liam Baker

5 - Callum Coleman-Jones

5 - Liam Ryan

4 – Jaidyn Stephenson

4 - Wil Powell

4 - Jack Higgins

4 – Tom McCartin

3 – Noah Balta

3 - Brodie Mihocek

3 - Peter Ladhams

2 - Kane Farrell

1 - Jack Petruccelle

1 - Nick Coffield

Listen to the boys explain their votes for this week below

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