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"Enough is enough": Opals great doesn't want to see Cambage in green and gold again


Australian basketball great Michele Timms thinks Liz Cambage has “tarnished” the Opals’ reputation and culture following her behaviour in Las Vegas last week.

Timms comments come after reports emerged that Cambage had broken team rules and got into a heated altercation in a scrimmage match against Nigeria ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

Since then, she’s officially left the Opals squad citing mental health reasons for her departure.

Having coached Cambage at Bulleen previously, Timms says the Opals can’t accept her behaviour any longer.

“It’s obviously a huge disappointment,” Timms said on SEN’s The Sporting Capital.

“But it’s getting to a stage, where I’ve certainly said it, that enough is enough.

“Prior to this, Liz has tarnished something that we’ve worked so hard for, the players who have come before that wore the green and gold have worked so hard on the culture and the way we want to be remembered in the community and the legacy that players before us have left.

“It was hugely disappointing to see the behaviour of Liz and what apparently has gone on.

“Once again, she’s brought the green and gold and the Opals into the spotlight for the wrong reasons.”

Despite being one of the best players in the world, Timms said she would rather not win a medal than have Cambage on the team due to her actions.

“To me personally, I can’t speak for anyone else, but enough’s enough, we can’t accept this anymore,” Timms added.

“Quite frankly, I’d rather not win a medal than win this way with someone who is constantly in the news for the wrong reasons unfortunately.

“When your teammates get together and say, ‘Enough’s enough’, that’s the biggest indicator that you’re not acting as expected in a team situation.”

As an Opals legend, Timms was asked whether she’d want to see Cambage back into the green and gold in future.

“Sitting here now, I would say no, there’d have to be a lot of change on her behalf,” she replied.

“If it was me, and if I had anything to do with it, I’m not sure I’d want her back in the green and gold until she can change her ways a little bit.”

The Opals kick off their Olympic campaign on Tuesday night at 6:20pm (AEST) against Belgium.

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