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Should the Saints be disappointed with Rowan Marshall's decision?


Four-time premiership Hawk Jordan Lewis wonders how the St Kilda leadership group feels about Rowan Marshall’s decision to stop for a beer at a pub after attending the Rugby Union last week.

The star ruckman has been forced into quarantine after the Precinct Bar was deemed a COVID-19 Tier 1 exposure site.

Marshall, along with teammate Darragh Joyce, must isolate until Tuesday and therefore cannot play against West Coast this weekend.

Regardless of the bad luck with the COVID exposure site, Lewis feels Marshall has let the team down.

“I think when you’re making decisions like this, and I’m just picturing myself in one of those leadership meetings, you’ve got to take a few things out,” Lewis told SEN Breakfast.

“You’ve got to take out his importance to the side out, you’ve got to take the COVID situation out and look at where he was, at what time of the week and make a decision and whether it was the right or wrong decision.

“It was on a Tuesday following a Saturday game, which is a four-day break, it’s not necessarily if you were drinking or not, but what players do tend to look at is how long you’re on your feet for, which might sound a little silly.

“Are you on your feet too long, are you around a crowd that might be unpredictable because of the time of being at that pub and what had gone on before that.

“I think with those things in mind, I thought it was a decision and a place he didn’t need to be.

“He’s in quarantine. Maybe if he wasn’t in quarantine he might have been penalised in another way.”

The game takes place on Saturday afternoon, with the Saints now needing to work out a new ruck plan outside Paddy Ryder versus Nic Naitanui.

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