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Bronze Medallist Harry Garside opens up on extraordinary Olympic preparation


Australian boxer Harry Garside has detailed his preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, listing unique mental and physical training methods which helped him land a medal in the men’s lightweight boxing event.

The bronze medallist joined SEN’s Afternoons with Jimmy Smith to discuss his peculiar training regime and what he found the toughest in the preparation.

“One of the biggest things that has been massive for (my preparation for) the Olympics, was that I do something once a month that makes me uncomfortable,” Garside said.

“Last month I did 48 hours of no talking, which is really tough because I love talking.

“Did a month with no technology, I started ballet, I’ve done Karaoke, and I had to take it seriously.

“I had some really tough conversations, that is probably the hardest one I think for most males.

“Coming from a family where my dad is really old fashioned, having tough conversations with my dad and my ex partner, they were really challenging.

“I’ve been doing that since the start of 2019.”

Garside explained where he picked up the regime from and how it helps him.

“I learnt this through the Gold Medal Ready program which the Australian Institute of Sport started,” Garside said.

“It’s a program with the commando regiment, the army and gold medal alumni.

“Through that I learnt how to challenge myself and how to push myself and as I said I do some pretty interesting things.

“Each challenge teaches me something new and it makes me understand more things about myself.

“I am learning to love every bit about myself.

“I’m trying to push myself in every way, shape or form.”

Garside was initially devastated by the fact that he couldn’t bring home the gold; however he says he has come to terms with his achievements and is proud.

“I’m proud of myself, obviously as athletes we want the best and that top spot,” he added.

“But I’m proud of myself for giving everything in my preparation and showing up in the ring and really giving it my all. That’s realistically all you can do.”

Listen to the full chat here:


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