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“I lost my way as a person”: Kevin Walters opens up on Broncos struggles


Broncos coach Kevin Walters has lifted the lid on the “tough period” he endured while Brisbane were struggling this season with numerous large margin defeats.

In an interview with SEN 1170’s Breakfast with Vossy Walters explained he lost himself during the difficult time.

“When we were in that heavy losing streak, losing by big margins, I feel like I sort of lost my way as a person, as an individual,” Walters said.

“You start blaming yourself. I lost my character.

“That was disappointing, it was a tough period.

“I lost my way a bit as a person, when we have to face that again I’ll be different, I’ll make sure I stay true to myself and my way as a person.”

Walters says he has learnt a lot from the multitude of losses and although coaching in rugby league’s top competition is strenuous, he enjoys working for the Broncos and helping players flourish.

“It’s been better than digging holes,” Walters joked.

“It’s tough coaching in the NRL but the enjoyment factor is watching players develop, a few more wins would’ve made it more enjoyable.

“It's been fun, I love working at the Broncos.”

Although the Broncos can no longer make the top eight, Walters’ side will hope to defeat the Warriors on Sunday as players look to secure their spots for next season.

Listen to the full chat here:

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