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Tom Morris' mega trade update on the key forward landscape, Riccardi, Ladhams, Talia and more


The Trade Bell is back for this week, with Fox Footy’s Tom Morris substituting in for Sam Edmund.

Morris and Gerard Whateley discussed the latest trade news and rumours on SEN’s Whateley.

Read Morris’ reports below:

Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)

“There’s been a shift from Collingwood. They’re prepared to offer him two years now, which is what he wanted.”

“People I speak to believe that’s a formality and the same for Jack Ziebell at North Melbourne who wanted two years, the initial offer was one year, they’ve now offered two years.

“That’s going to get done too, so good news for North fans and Collingwood fans.”

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Key forwards

“(Callum Coleman-Jones) going to North Melbourne on a four-year deal, we know Gold Coast offered five years. They’ll have to work out a trade (with Richmond).”

“But what this means for other key forwards around the market is very interesting.

“It means Sam Weideman probably doesn’t have a suitor because North Melbourne has gone for Coleman-Jones. Gold Coast isn’t a suitor for Weideman because they’ve gone for Mabior Chol.

Rory Lobb is sort of in limbo in some ways even though he is contracted for another two years.

“So what North Melbourne and Gold Coast has done has a flow-on effect for other key forwards looking for a new home.”

Adam Cerra (Fremantle)

“Richmond is as far out of the race as any other team. You can’t say 100 per cent because there can always be a late change.”

“But my understanding with Cerra is that Carlton is still the club and that’s because Melbourne can’t get (the trade) done.

“I can’t imagine a situation where Robbie D’Orazio and Paul Connors, his manager, allow him to nominate a club that he can’t get to. He will nominate a club that he can get to and at the moment that is Carlton, even though Melbourne has had a serious crack. There’s no draft pick they can offer and there’s not going to be any players they’re going to give up either.”

Jake Riccardi (GWS)

“The Bombers were the rumour, but I think he is going to sign a two-year deal at GWS.”

“It’s been on the table, it’s what they’re working towards, it’s not official yet. I think Matthew Flynn will also sign a two-year deal with the Giants.

“And I checked in with the Giants this morning regarding Shane Mumford because there’s been no retirement announcement. We think it’s highly likely, but it’s not 100 per cent certain yet.”

Peter Ladhams (Port Adelaide)

“Last year Sydney wanted Peter Ladhams and Port Adelaide said no.”

“This year Port has put him on the trade table and I think it’s a nice tactic from Port Adelaide to show Sydney and Jordan Dawson that they can get a trade done with a player involved as well.

“They’re saying ‘hey you wanted him last year’ … they can then get Dawson to the club without giving up too much in terms of draft picks.

“I think that is smart play by Port Adelaide.”

Touk Miller (Gold Coast)

“Discussions have been ongoing for four or five months as far as extending him for about four or five years, maybe six years.”

“He wants about $850,000 to $880,000 per year. I don’t think you can argue that’s unfair given how important he is to the Suns and his loyalty, but the Suns at the moment are offering about $750,000.

“There’s a bit of an impasse. That will get resolved. He’ll get re-signed.

“The Suns also have in the back of their head that next year they want to keep Jack Lukosius, next year they want to keep Izak Rankine and Ben King.

“They can’t be offering Touk Miller everything, because that might ruin their list build elsewhere.”

Daniel Talia (Adelaide)

“My information about Daniel Talia is there would be interest from elsewhere, but he’s more likely to stay in South Australia because his partner has a job that is well paying.”

“And he potentially has career opportunities outside of football that would set him up for the rest of his life.

“Although he would be wanted at another club, it might be the best thing for him to do for the next phase of his life to actually stay in South Australia and retire from football.”

Luke Dunstan (St Kilda)

“I’m not saying that there’s even been a formal approach (by Essendon), but Essendon has told player managers in the last couple of months that they’re after an inside midfielder.”

“Dunstan comes cheap, he got 11 Brownlow votes.

“I think there’s no doubt Dunstan can play, but there is an abundance of inside midfielders looking for new homes that pre-COVID would have been able to find it, but with list spots tight and not much money it’s a lot harder for this kind of player to find one.

“The Gold Coast Suns have some interest in him maybe as a rookie, but Essendon is the club most likely if he is going to get to a new club at all.”

Quinton Narkle (Geelong)

“The Cats may have wanted to (sign him long-term), but I think Narkle is keeping his options open.”

“If he has another year where he can’t quite break into the team, then his manager and him will be looking elsewhere.

“This is almost like a last chance saloon for the Cats to prove to Narkle they want to keep him, but also for Narkle to prove to the Cats that he’s good enough to be in their best 23.”

Jordan Clark (Geelong)

“He had a meeting with Justin Longmuir and Fremantle last Wednesday, he is in Perth, he’s a West Australian and was there for Geelong’s finals campaign.”

“There’s an expectation now from the Cats and Clark’s camp that there will be discussions this week that will explore a possible trade.

“Doesn’t mean he’s going to walk in and demand a trade … he has another year on his contract, but I think they’re going to have a mature discussion in which a trade is explored and Fremantle is the logical home.”

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