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Morris’ trade update on Petrevski-Seton, Lobb, Sier and several players in limbo


The Trade Bell is back for this week, with Fox Footy’s Tom Morris substituting in for Sam Edmund.

Morris and Gerard Whateley discussed the latest trade news and rumours on SEN’s Whateley.

Read Morris’ reports below:

Sam Petrevski-Seton

“I don’t think Fremantle were that keen on Petrevski-Seton.

“I think they would have taken him for nothing, but I’m not sure they made a huge pitch towards him.

“He prefers West Coast and West Coast has pick 10 which is clearly too high for Petrevski-Seton even though he was taken at pick 6 in 2016.

“It’s just worth noting how he was flicked around positionally at Carlton. He really couldn’t find a home.

“West Coast sees him as a midfielder, and they want him replacing Luke Shuey when he retires getting inside that engine room.

“West Coast has pick 10, they’ve also got two second-rounders and I think one of those picks will get it done – 29 and 35.

“I don’t think Carlton’s going to play too hardball on this because they know if they were going to give Petrevski-Seton a contract, it wouldn’t have been a big contract, might have been just one-year deal. He wasn’t necessarily a hugely required player for them.

“They (West Coast) don’t have any money. Shannon Hurn, Josh Kennedy, Liam Duggan and Jack Redden are all taking big, big pay cuts.

“He’s going there literally for a new home, for a fresh start.”

Adam Cerra

“Fremantle will ask for pick 6 – and probably more, will be their starting position.

“The Blues have pick 25, but nothing until the fourth round.”

Trent Dumont, Shaun Atley and Tom Campbell

“They (Dumont and Atley) are both in limbo because they don’t have contracts for next year. They’re both free agents.

“There’s been some intertest from Port Adelaide regarding Trent Dumont … but they’re certainly not going to bend over backwards to go and get him.

“He (Atley) has been told to wait and you’ve got to wait until we know what our list positions are before we can offer you a contract.

“Tom Campbell is in the same position.”

Oliver Hanrahan and Tim O’Brien

“Oliver Hanrahan and Tim O’Brien are in the same position."

“Tim O’Brien is a free agent. I think there is some preliminary interest from other clubs, but he again has to wait.

“Hanrahan is well liked by Sam Mitchell, but he is part of that mid-sized, half-forward brigade.”

Jacob Townsend

“The Gold Coast list position is so interesting because they almost have no spots on their list.

“I think they’ve re-contracted 37 or 38 players, Townsend is not one of them.

“He’s very much on the edge whether he gets another deal or not. He might have to wait until mid-October to find out.”

Rory Lobb

“Rory Lobb is an intriguing one because he wants to leave Fremantle.

“Even though he’s got two years left on his contract, he would like to find a new home. He’s happy to take less money on a three-year deal somewhere.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Rory Lobb fell to another home. What I do know is Lobb is happy to take less than the roughly $700,000 he’s on per year at the moment.”

Brayden Sier

“The read is that I don’t think he’s going to go.

“I haven’t been told he’s going to go, so the status quo is he’ll be at the Pies next year.”

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