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Dermott Brereton's top AFL commentators, experts and host


If you could put together a commentary team made of all available media talent to call a game of footy, who would you select?

Dermott Brereton has put together who he believes are the best in the business in terms of hosting a broadcast, calling the game and providing expert commentary.

He has gone with one host, two callers and two experts.

See Brereton’s call team below:

Host: Eddie McGuire

“Eddie McGuire’s the best host. I declare my interests: he’s a great mate, but really if anyone says they’re as good a host as Eddie, it’s chalk and cheese, he’s the best host we’ve got,” Brereton told SEN’s Bob and Andy.

Callers: Anthony Hudson and Dwayne Russell

“Anthony Hudson and I love the way Dwayne Russell calls,” he said.

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Experts: Jimmy Bartel and Nick Riewoldt

“I learn the most off Jimmy Bartel listening to him. Jimmy tells me the most of what I want to know when I’m watching a game off-screen that I can’t see and is able to tell me how things have happened in a certain way,” he said.

“I’ve got him first, he’s clearly the best in my view. I can’t work out why Channel 7 don’t use him more.

“I love seeing how Nick (Riewoldt) pulls it apart and shows where players are from, how they’ve got there and shows how things have transpired to get there.

“They’re the two current best at telling me something that I want to know.”

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