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As many as eight ruckmen could feature in trade merry-go-round


Ruckmen will play a big role in the second half of this year’s trade period, with as many as eight a chance to head elsewhere.

SEN Chief Reporter Sam Edmund has provided the latest on where things it.

“The ruck merry-go-round hasn’t quite got going yet,” Edmund told SEN Breakfast.

“We’re talking about the likes of Callum Coleman-Jones, Peter Ladhams, Jon Ceglar, Max Lynch, Tristian Xerri, Jordon Sweet, Mason Cox, Darcy Fort … there’s a whole heap of rucks on the table at the moment.”

Jon Ceglar (Hawthorn)

“He has been put up for trade by Hawthorn. He has got one year to go on a contract worth somewhere around the $350,000 mark.”

“My understanding is Hawthorn will pay a fair portion of that contract to get Jon Ceglar off the books.”

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Max Lynch (Collingwood)

“Max Lynch is the man who likely comes in (to Hawthorn) from Collingwood.”

“He’s largely untried, starved of opportunity, they want to see him at Hawthorn.

“He would come cheap.”

Peter Ladhams (Port Adelaide)

“Is now favouring a move to Sydney. I think Hawthorn is out of the running for Peter Ladhams.”

“It was either going to be Hawthorn or Sydney for Pete, who has again been told to look around by Port Adelaide, but they’ve played hard-ball publicly, so it’s a curious one.

“Sydney had a big interest in him 12 months ago. Charlie Gardner told us they still have that interest. They wanted him in the Aliir Aliir deal, they couldn’t do it, but they’re thinking long-term.

“Lance Franklin's close to the end, I think Tom Hickey remains the number one ruck there, Ladhams plays forward and chops out a little more in the ruck than he was doing at Port Adelaide.”

Tristan Xerri (North Melbourne)

“Tristan Xerri is looking at Callum Coleman-Jones coming in and yesterday he says to North Melbourne, ‘Bang, I’m putting in the trade request to St Kilda.’”

“St Kilda is really interested in Xerri and I think that one will go through. At the moment, he is a contracted player and North has control there.”

Callum Coleman-Jones (Richmond)

“Still no closer to getting done. They’ve got to make a decision pretty quick Richmond when it comes to the other part of this deal, which is Robbie Tarrant.”

“The free agency window ends on Friday. If Robbie Tarrant is going to move as a free agent, it has to be done by tomorrow close of business.”

Darcy Fort (Geelong)

“Jon Ceglar could end up at Geelong if Darcy Fort leaves. Fort is being hunted by Brisbane, but he is contracted and could also stay as well.”

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