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Why Freo forward Lobb’s potential Giants return fell over


Player manager Colin Young has explained why a potential GWS return for Rory Lobb did not eventuate.

The Fremantle forward has been recently linked with a shock move back to the Giants despite being contracted with the Dockers until 2023.

SEN’s Sam Edmund reported that Lobb had not formally requested a trade due to the likely deal with the Giants not being “to his liking”.

With any potential deal now dead in the water, Young spoke of how the interest came about, his discussions with Fremantle GM Peter Bell and why it ended, referencing Lobb’s current contract at Freo and the emergence of Giants small forward Ian ‘Bobby’ Hill as trade potential.

“It was all built on the contract which got Rory over here,” he said on Sportsday WA.

“It’s obviously a strong contract and Rory was saying if Fremantle can get some picks and fast-track their track to a premiership, and I can get to GWS and win a premiership, and my partner lives on the east coast with their family, it would be a win-win situation.

“Unfortunately, we just couldn’t get the contract where it was. GWS were honest that they might struggle to do this, but I had in the back of my mind that if Bobby Hill, who works with (Young’s colleague) Andrew McDougall, does ask for a trade that could help GWS get Rory with the contract that he wanted. It was way under the normal price requested for a big forward.

“And Bobby would get to where his destiny was, and both GWS and Fremantle - and more importantly Fremantle - would be rewarded accordingly.

“It fell over on Friday night when I did speak to GWS about what was going on with Bobby and if that could help GWS achieve getting Rory through the trade period. Unfortunately, they said, ‘Look, no, if we do lose Bobby, which is highly unlikely, then we could do that’.

“I just said to Rory if this doesn’t look like happening, then Peter (Bell) is ok, we tried our best. We’ll go back and I’ll let all people involved (know) on an email so we’re all on the same page.

“I flicked off an email to all parties involved, including Rory, to say we wouldn’t be going forward because they can’t facilitate a trade with his contract and that was it really.”

Young further explained how his chats with Bell were meant to be behind closed doors and how the conversation did become public knowledge.

“I like to keep away from the media with all these things, they just go smoother,” Young added.

“The question was asked if I was surprised by Peter’s openness. I actually was surprised, it didn’t upset me in any shape or form, but I was just surprised. We were both on the back foot probably, because it got out.

“When I left Peter, he said in no uncertain terms are we going to let Rory go. I said if I can facilitate a possible trade that benefits you like Essendon with Daniher and Fantasia, and you could win a premiership sooner rather than later, then let me do a bit of homework and I’ll get back to you.

“He said, ‘I reiterate, we’re looking to keep Rory, he’s comfortable with staying which you all are’, but I got advised by GWS on that Tuesday morning that they were going to look at facilitating one (a trade) so we’re all ears open to see what would happen.

“Peter and I are fine. You cannot take it personally.”

Lobb, 28, has kicked 45 goals in 43 appearances for the Dockers across three seasons.

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