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Western Bulldogs' 2021 trade grades


The 2021 AFL Trade Period is now over and with that comes the assessments.

Matt Rendell has taken a close look at each of the 18 clubs and provided his trade grades for their 2021 activity.

See your club's snapshot and what he has to say below:

Bulldogs trade grades 2021

Rendell says:

Their sole focus was just to have enough points to get hold of Sam Darcy.

They got a replacement for Lewis Young on the way through in Tim O’Brien. They filled a hole in defence that they might need.

They lost a midfielder, but they’ve got enough of them, and got the points for Sam Darcy.

One tick.

Tim O'Brien

Patrick Lipinski
Lewis Young

2021 draft hand:
23, 43, 44, 45, 52, 93

Rendell’s scoring system:
Three ticks = Super job, fixed a hole
Two ticks = Did well, but didn’t kill it
One tick = Just filled a gap
Cross = Did nothing or did not do well

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