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Someone at the Panthers needs to enforce a social media ban


I thought the Tyrone May story had all but finished, the commentary anyway.

The inevitable happened yesterday, he was sacked by the club, I will not change from any of my previous comments on this one – the whole saga has been a bloody mess, a criminal act dealt with by the courts, but elsewhere dealt with by the player, his teammates and the club in such a haphazard, thoughtless way.

The Panthers yesterday, I read from their club statement, take it on board they said the club had, ‘Responsibilities to the game, our corporate partners, our members and fans and the wider rugby league community’.

I ask again for the final time – how was Tyrone May not sacked by the club at the time when he was found guilty in 2019, what did they stand for then if that’s what they stand for yesterday?

Now the follow up, the Nathan Cleary Instagram post yesterday sticking up for his mate.

I must be getting old, why not just speak to the bloke and let him know? Why the social media post?

If Nathan doesn’t get that it is social media that has caused this problem to be exacerbated, then Penrith have massive problems.

Tyrone’s brother Taylan will still be at the club next year I’m told, his post yesterday, he ripped into the club in public on social media. What the hell is going on?

Penrith is so good to watch on the field, they’re a worthy champion, they have some wonderful personalities.

From a media perspective, I say this honestly, they are a good club to deal with.

But unless someone reigns in the players on what and what not to post, in the best interests of the players themselves and the club - who the players need to be reminded is their employer - then the Panthers are on a collision course to become an absolute train wreck on the PR stakes.

My advice, for the short term, and I absolutely mean it – someone at the Panthers needs to enforce a ban on all social media for their players this off-season and then reset come the start of next season.

As the champion club on the field, they need to understand there’s plenty to be gained as being the champion off the field.

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