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“I think it was a miss”: Veteran Tiger not a fan of key rule change


Champion Richmond forward Jack Riewoldt says the AFL’s new stand rule was a “miss” in its first season.

On the eve of Round 1 this year, the AFL unveiled the new rule, which saw players unable to deviate from the mark once an umpire has called ‘stand’.

While it resulted in more attacking football during earlier rounds, games tightened up defensively as the season progressed and teams had more time to work out how to adjust their respective game plans.

Riewoldt said the rule “caught a lot of teams on the hop”, saying teams opted to defend more as a result of the rule.

“I was a bit worried early on when this one was announced,” he said on SEN Hobart.

“I thought there would be 50m penalties left, right and centre but players adjusted to it fairly well. What it did create was this panic when the game was so free-flowing and I think that was quite evident to people watching the footy over the first four or five rounds.

“It probably caught a lot of teams on the hop in terms of how to defend it and play the rule, but ultimately it did probably lead to a bit more flooding and sides maybe not pressing up as strongly defensively and (they) were sitting back a bit more.

“I think it was a miss that one, I’m not big on the standing the mark rule.”

The stand rule will make its debut in both the AFLW and SANFL next season, after initially not being used in both competitions.

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