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“Lunacy”: Should the Suns re-sign Dew before the 2022 season?


Should Gold Coast commit to head coach Stuart Dew beyond 2022?

Reports on Wednesday indicated that they were leaning towards re-signing him, despite veteran coaches like Alastair Clarkson and Ross Lyon potentially available in 12 months.

The Suns are yet to play finals since entering the AFL competition and have not made inroads up the ladder under Dew to date.

Andy Maher, Patrick Dangerfield, Josh Jenkins and Julian De Stoop discussed the dilemma on SEN’s Drive.

De Stoop: “Gold Coast would be mad to sign Stuart Dew up (before the season).”

Jenkins: “I’m glad you came in a bit harder than me, honestly…”

De Stoop: “Why would they?”

Maher: “I’ll take the counter view, because they like him, the players respond to him, they feel he’s building something…”

De Stoop: “Can we see some proof of it at some stage?”

Maher: “That’s what they’ll be banking on, the proof is about to come.”

Dangerfield: “If you feel he’s your man, why not now?”

Jenkins: “What’s he done to earn an extension?”

Dangerfield: “Don’t ask me, ask the board who would be discussing the extension, but the interesting part is, and I’m not saying this is going to happen, but one of the greatest coaches of the history of the competition and of the modern generation Alastair Clarkson could be available.”

De Stoop: “So you’d be mad to do it (re-sign Dew).”

Jenkins: “Correct. Lunacy.”

De Stoop: “If you’re flying throughout the year, by all means, why would you do it before the season?”

Maher: “You could argue they could have a 14-win season next year and you could still replace Stuart Dew with Alastair Clarkson if you could get Clarkson.”

Jenkins: “Which is even less reason to sign him.”

Dangerfield: “The vast majority of clubs would be the same though (if Clarkson was available), throw a blanket over the competition.”

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