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Why Brownlow Medallist is “confused” with St Kilda’s draft choice


Gerard Healy can’t understand St Kilda’s choice to pass on local boy Josh Sinn and instead pick Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera with their first pick in the draft.

Sinn, a former captain of the Sandringham Dragons, was available at the Saints' pick 11, however the club chose to instead take South Australian wingman Wanganeen-Milera, who is the nephew of Power great Gavin Wanganeen and son of former Saint Terry Milera.

The Power were reportedly keen on Sinn before the draft and pounced on him with their first pick at number 12, having traded up to secure the defender ahead of the Bombers.

Healy believes young captains have a history of proving recruiters wrong, and the Saints might have missed a trick by ignoring the talent under their nose.

“For all intents and purposes, it went pretty well to plan on Wednesday night, with a couple of exceptions, and it was one of those exceptions that raised an eyebrow, at least for me,” Healy told Sportsday.

“I begin by declaring I’ve never seen Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera or Josh Sinn play a game of football.

“Wanganeen-Milera was taken by St Kilda at pick 11, Josh Sinn was taken by Port Adelaide at pick 12.

“This is why I was slightly confounded. Now, I know St Kilda have been seeking a messiah to take them to the promised land, and this young messiah is evidently a highly-skilled, dexterous young player.

“But then again, why would you take a wingman from interstate, with all the issues associated with it, when you’ve got a kid in your own heartland, Josh Sinn, who’s captain of Sandringham Dragons, captain of Vic Metro, and still available.

“Now the draft, in my view, has been littered historically with captains being overlooked and invariably returning to embarrass those who have ignored them, and ignored the very credentials that underpinned their captaincy appointments.

“Touk Miller was All-Australian this year, he was captain of Vic Metro a number of years ago, he was taken at pick 29.

“Jack Graham, Richmond premiership player, captain of South Australia, pick 53 he was taken.

“Luke Parker, all those years ago he was pick 40, he’s currently the Swans captain and multiple best and fairest winner, current best and fairest winner, he was captain of Vic Country.

“Rory Sloane, Crows captain, All-Australian multiple times, Eastern Ranges captain all those years ago, he was taken at pick 44.

“Hasn’t he embarrassed all of those recruiters that ignored his credentials.

“Deven Robertson, two years ago, Lions midfielder, captain of the Western Australian victorious team, he was taken at pick 22.

“Now, Josh Sinn and his abilities, they weren’t lost on Port Adelaide, and this is what really got me thinking.

“They traded up to get Josh Sinn, and gave away a future second-rounder to get him. So, clearly in the eyes of at least one team, he’s a serious unit, and that’s why I’m confused.

“St Kilda has taken Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera from Adelaide, and they’re going to have to deal with all the issues associated with relocation and the go-home factor, and ignore a quality kid who lives at South Road.

“Both of them I’m sure are terrific young players, but it doesn’t seem to me that there is enough between them to create all the issues associated with relocation as against sending a bike to the end of South Road to pick up a kid who’s been captain of your local area.

“Now, hopefully, it works for all parties, and hopefully, they are both genuine stars for both clubs, and Nasiah becomes the Moorabbin messiah and isn’t viewed down the track as not so much the original sin, but potentially a recruiting mortal sin.”

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