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Five changes former Crow would make if in Gil McLachlan's shoes for a day


If you were the AFL CEO for a day, what changes would you make to the league and the wider footy landscape?

Josh Jenkins has listed five general moves he would make in Gillon McLachlan’s shoes.

See his thoughts below:

Port would be allowed to wear their prison bar guernsey

“Not against Collingwood, but Showdowns, whoever else,” Jenkins told SEN’s Drive.

Incentivise scoring

“Whether it’s a bonus point (for kicking a certain score) or anti-density, let Brad Scott and his gurus decide, but incentivise scoring.”

A 25,000-seat stadium in Melbourne

“As someone who played a lot of games for an interstate team in Melbourne at the MCG with 30,000 there, it’s a terrible place to play with 30,000 at the ‘G.”

“Take it to wherever, 25,000, full house, it’ll be beautiful.”

Get rid of behind the goals vision

“The game will instantaneously look a lot better because forwards will stay in the forward line because they’re not stressed about having to turn up Monday and have coaches say ‘why haven’t you run up the ground on defence?’.”

Greater salary cap flexibility

“The salary cap is $14 million or so, you can spend that across as many or as few amount of players as you want.”

“If you want to have 28 highly paid players, it’s up to you.”

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