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Zorko warns that Lions are hungrier than ever


After being knocked out of last year’s finals in straight sets, the Brisbane Lions are turning heads at pre-season training with their form looking as sharp as ever.

Skipper Dayne Zorko appeared on SENQ Breakfast and raved about the promising nick in which the Lions have returned.

“Early on in previous years it’s taken us a couple weeks to get our kicking leg back, our hands back,” the 32-year-old said on Tuesday.

“But yesterday seeing that first-hand was probably the first time since I’ve played and especially under Fages (Chris Fagan) that I’ve gone, 'Geez the boys have done something here'.

“The skills yesterday were as good as anything.”

Zorko believes that Covid travel restrictions have helped the side to a degree as players have been inclined to focus on football above all else.

“I feel as though the boys have done a mountain of work in the pre-season, that’s probably due to the fact that Covid has not allowed players to get home,” he added.

“So you’ve got a core group of boys pushing each other every single day because there’s nothing else for them to do up here.”

Although the pre-season is still young, Zorko is impressed with the maturity and mindset of the team.

“Until you’re put under that first day intensity and the pressure and all the eyes are on you… and to see the boys execute the way they did was really impressive,” he said.

Brisbane will look to finally get over the hump in 2022 after finishing in the top four in the last three seasons, but ultimately falling short.

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