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Is “exceptional” Cats coach campaigning for a phone call from GWS?


The GWS Giants are on the hunt for a new senior coach following Leon Cameron’s sudden resignation on Thursday.

Cameron’s nine-year tenure concludes on Sunday afternoon when the Giants host Carlton at GIANTS Stadium.

Comments from Geelong coach Chris Scott after his side’s win over GWS last week pricked David King’s ears.

“The only objective measure for talent that I can come up with is draft position – and they’re stacked in there,” Scott said at his post-match press conference.

“They showed it at times around the ball. Even in a really comprehensive win, the contested ball was relatively even, I think they just shaded us there.

“I think it spoke more to the system that our assistance coaches and development coaches have put in place over a long period of time than anything that necessarily only happened on the night.

“I should speak for myself - I understand exactly what it’s like to be in a fledgling AFL market. I thought the atmosphere was fantastic tonight, great to see all the Cats supporters here.

“I’m just aware of the challenges that you have in a non-traditional market.”

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King wonders if Scott is campaigning for at least a phone call from the Giants regarding their soon-to-be coaching vacancy.

Scott has reportedly signed a three-year extension to remain at Geelong, though no official announcement has been made.

Speaking on SEN Breakfast, King and Kane Cornes dissected Scott’s comments.

King: “There’s a couple of things I want to touch on - is he campaigning for at least a phone call? Given that he hasn’t signed at Geelong just yet, that deal is not done.

“The easiest thing to walk away from in AFL is contracts, even unsigned contracts. He’s all-in at Geelong in 2022. They want to win the flag, they’ve set up this forward line, they’re going beautifully. But if it doesn’t work, are the Giants an option for Chris Scott?”

King: “He went on to say his coaching made two relative first gamers come in and play with absolute composure against the best the Giants had in the midfield.

“I think he was saying everything I bring to the table complements what you guys have already got and what you are now going to be chasing.

“I think he put his name up in lights for Dave Matthews (GWS CEO) to at least make the phone call.

“Has he rung the rag dry at Geelong? This is it, it’s all in 2022, and if he wins it, no one says anything, they roll on. But if they don’t win … he’d go to the Giants and he’d have 10 more years. He’s a career coach in my eyes and he’s a wonderful coach, he’s been an exceptional coach.”

Cornes: “Would it blindside Geelong Ross Lyon-style … he’s just signed a three-year deal?”

King: “Would it really impact Geelong if they thought, ‘It’s time for a new voice?’ He’s been there since 2011.

“Geelong wouldn’t want to lose him, no one wants to lose good coaches, but would it be good for Chris to go to a new opportunity at GWS? Would it be good for GWS? Would it be a disaster for Geelong?”

Cornes: “I still think GWS’ number one target would be (Alastair) Clarkson. If they fail to get Clarkson, he (Scott) would be on the podium and he would definitely need to receive a phone call.

“You’d want to check in whether that contract has been signed and whether there’s a way of getting out of it.”

King: “I could be 100 per cent wrong with this, but why would he say what he said in the post-game?”

Scott guided Geelong to a premiership in his first year as coach in 2011 and has made finals in all but one year during his tenure.

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