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Ben Brown explains why he's stuck with the no.50 guernsey


Melbourne forward Ben Brown has explained why he chooses to wear No.50 on his jumper.

Since debuting in 2014 for his former club North Melbourne, Brown has donned the No.50 guernsey at AFL level for all of his 149 games.

The premiership Demon said the origins of the number came when he arrived late to his first training for his local side Devonport, the No.50 being the only number left that would fit the then young forward.

“I was actually quite late to join my first footy club … when I went to my first footy club, the Devenport Football Club, I was a bit late to pre season because I was playing basketball at the time, I rolled in and the only jumper that fit me was No. 50,” Brown said on Sportsday.

“I went ‘yep that’s my number’ and every club I’ve moved to since - I’ve asked for it.

“I thought well it’s a nice sort of number and every club I’ve moved to since I’ve asked for it, I thought it’s a nice even number right there in the middle and no one is going to fight me for it so I can have it wherever I want it.

“That’s the reason, I thought it’d be nice and clean to have the same one as I went on.”

Brown will celebrate his 150th game this Saturday against his old side at Marvel Stadium.

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