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Who would you rather? Shai or Bailey? Freo or Saints?


Adam Cooney posed a number of intriguing questions on SEN’s The Run Home.

In a new segment called ‘Would you rather?’, Cooney asked Andy Maher and Andrew Gaze which one of two players or clubs they would rather be.

Would you rather be Fremantle or St Kilda?

Gazey: “St Kilda.

“I think the last two weeks for Freo is telling, and that there is a lot of emotional support around St Kilda as well.”

Mahery: “St Kilda.

“Freo has Bob Murphy, so there is that, but not withstanding that, St Kilda for me.”

Cooney: “So you don’t trust Fremantle after their last two weeks.

“I don’t fully trust Fremantle as a top four (team).”

Would you rather have Ken Hinkley or James Hird coach GWS?

Gazey: “Hinkley.

“The body of work that he’s (Hinkley) been able to put together, and given the other issues around James.”

Mahery: “Ken Hinkley.

“Only because he’s been in the chair, at the cutting edge of the whole thing for the last 10 years.

“I’m not worried about the other issues anymore (with Hird). I don’t care about the issues, I think he’ll be better for that, he won’t be doing it again.”

Cooney: “I don’t think he (Hird) is going to get the Giants on the supplements program.”

Would you rather Stuart Dew remain Gold Coast or Nathan Buckley coach them?

Gazey: “Yeah I would (keep Dew).

“I spoke to Nathan Buckley on Sunday, and I just came from coaching and I was a little flat cos we came up short, and he said, ‘That’s why I’ll never be coaching again’.

“I said, ‘pig’s ring hole, you’re going to be out there coaching again’, and he said, ‘nah’, and just walked off.”

Mahery: “I’d rather Stuey Dew stay there.

“I think he’s done the hard yards. I want him to stay there and I want him to have success.”

Would you rather have Sam De Koning or Tom McCartin for the next five years?

Gazey: “He (De Koning) looks good doesn’t he?”

Mahery: “I’m taking Geelong’s De Koning over Tommy McCartin.

“I want both De Koning boys at Carlton. Thank you very much.”

Cooney: “Every week he just gets better and better, Sam De Koning.

“He is going to be a star.”

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Would you rather Shai Bolton or Bailey Smith for the next five years?

Gazey: “Bailey Smith is doing some extraordinary work.

“Bailey brings some other fringe benefits.”

Mahery: “I’m going to upset the apple cart here, I’m going to say Shai Bolton.

“I’m taking Shai Bolton!”

Cooney: “I’m going to take Shai Bolton.

“I think he is right up there in terms of the best players in the competition.

“Bailey Smith’s not far behind.”

Would you rather choose Geelong or Hawthorn if you’re a free agent coming out of contract this year?

Gazey: “They’re (Hawthorn) heading in the right direction.

“There would be an element of doubt because of the age profile of Geelong.”

Mahery: “Hawthorn.

“Unless I’m a country boy and I like my surfing and I want to live down the surf coast.”

Cooney: “Do you two believe Hawthorn is closer to a flag than Geelong?

“Because you’re picking them as a free agent.”

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