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Irresponsible Jordan De Goey has now made himself unrecruitable


Collingwood will today spend their time dealing with Jordan De Goey in a very public glare.

It is wasted energy and unwanted angst.

In De Goey’s woe-be-me phase hopefully he has enough insight to realise how his actions have impacted his team and the club.

De Goey feels persecution rather than responsibility and accountability. He surrounds himself with sycophants rather than those who might challenge his judgment and offer him the boundaries he can’t find for himself.

Only Collingwood knows the parameters it put in place around De Goey’s behavior at the start of the year and what behavior, particularly when it comes to his conduct toward women, would constitute further sanction.

He was offered a clean slate and he has squandered it.

Having spoken with the leaders of other clubs across the weekend, to a person they were resolute they would suspend De Goey.

And contemporaries were scathing of De Goey’s attempt to portray himself as a universal study of persecution.

Idiotic doesn’t even scratch the surface was the sentiment from more than one current day player.

Among the questions facing De Goey is how serious is he about his professional football career and the sacrifices that are required?

The answer to that question will have a major say in his future. I think he is unrecruitable now.

No club with a straight face could explain to its senior players why you’d be offering a million dollar deal to lure De Goey.

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He’s Collingwood’s asset, he’s Collingwood’s problem and he’s Collingwood’s responsibility.

Those conversations would be fascinating at the club today.

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