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Why “the absolute failing” of Collingwood can't be overlooked in De Goey situation


Based solely on Collingwood CEO Mark Anderson's strong comments on Jordan De Goey at his press conference, what were you expecting the punishment to be?

That is the question Kane Cornes is asking this morning after the Pies’ issued a suspended fine to the star forward, following his “disrespectful conduct” in Bali.

Pies CEO Mark Anderson said: “Our club’s very strong position is that disrespect towards women, in any form, is never acceptable and we strongly condemn it.”

Cornes was expecting a more significant sanction listening to Anderson speak.

“‘Disrespect to women can’t be tolerated and Jordan understands the significance of this’ … I would have thought probably four games and a $10,000 fine,” Cornes told SEN SA Breakfast.

“And (he gets) nothing. He hasn’t been sanctioned. Let’s cut the crap. There is no fine, there is no penalty. So how seriously have they taken it?”

Cornes, whose eyebrow was raised about this De Goey situation before the details of the indiscretions emerged, wonders if Collingwood has internally had a look at themselves.

“I want to ask Collingwood: Have they reviewed their processes that allowed Jordan De Goey to get on the plane?” he said.

“You’ve got a player who has been diagnosed with a behavioural issue in December, and all the issues that have gone on with him in his past, and he has come to you at the halfway point of the season when you get four days off – it’s not three weeks, it’s four days – and he’s said he wants to go to Bali.

“I want them to go back and review their processes. There was no mention of that from Mark Anderson.

“No mention of the absolute failing of the Collingwood Football Club to allow a player with a behavioural issue and the past indiscretions that he’s got to go overseas.

“To the point where his plane is delayed and he misses training. Well that’s what happens when you’re overseas.

“Has Collingwood sanctioned themselves for letting him go? They’re not blameless in all of this.”

The Magpies will be looking to put a tough week off the field behind them and continue their winning ways when they host GWS on Sunday.

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