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The out of contract players Kane Cornes wouldn't overpay


Kane Cornes believes AFL clubs hand out too much money to players simply to lure them to their side.

Reports indicate Collingwood are set to pay Brisbane forward Dan McStay $3 million over five years in the upcoming free agency period, something Cornes can’t quite believe.

“Players who are out of contract whose value grows for nothing to do with their football ability other than that they’re out of contract, I’m reading stories about Dan McStay and what he may be paid,” he told SEN SA Breakfast.

“Collingwood has reportedly offered Dan McStay a five-year deal worth close to $3 million. You would think this guy is a superstar.

“He’s been the most talked about free agent probably along with Jordan De Goey this year.

“You know what the most goals Dan McStay has ever kicked in a season is? 28.

“And we’re talking about a five-year deal worth $3 million.

“Just because he’s gettable, his reputation has grown significantly. Dan McStay is a forward who averages 0.8 goals per game.

“Put that in context. The most he’s ever kicked is 28. Todd Marshall is on 27 right now.

“Clubs need to just relax a bit. If he fits at the right price, then pay it and get him. Free agency is attractive because you don’t have to give up any compensation.”

Cornes put forward other names in a similar boat to McStay, including Port Adelaide’s Karl Amon and Collingwood’s Jordan De Goey.

“The deals that have been floated for Karl Amon, right. This is a guy who was dropped this year from a team that wasn’t in the finals race at the time,” he said.

“I know he’s a nice footballer and he’s got some good attributes, but he’s not a great ball-user, he’s not going to go inside and cause any damage and we’re talking $600,000 a year.

“We look at Jordan De Goey and the money prior to this indiscretion. Compare him to players that are paid that money like Patrick Cripps, Patrick Dangerfield, Christian Petracca, those type of players when they were at the same age.

“Cripps had three best and fairests and a two-time All-Australian, a Leigh Matthews Trophy winner and a captain of his club. Dangerfield at 26 was already a Brownlow Medallist and a four-time All-Australian.

“Petracca by 26 was a premiership player, a Norm Smith Medallist, a best and fairest winner and a leading goal kicker.

“De Goey at 26? A club leading goal kicker in 2018. That’s it.

“Once or twice a year, De Goey will win you a game. But he doesn’t do it consistently.

“If you want to be poor defensively, you’ve got to be Dustin Martin. You need teammates to cover for you while you do your damage forward of centre … and be a match-winner.

“De Goey hasn’t proven to be that. I think he’s been top five in the best and fairest once.

“The players that deserve the big money are those that do it consistently. Look at Sam Walsh’s numbers. He rarely plays a poor game. Look at Clayton Oliver. Even his poor games are still good. That’s not De Goey.

“He’s not someone I would pay $800,000 to $1 million per year.

“And as for Dan McStay, are you for real? Five-year deal for $3 million?

“I’ll go further and say Luke Jackson. The money that’s been floated for him … he’s a player that touches the ball 12 times a game.

“I know he’s young and there’s upside and he’s had an excellent start to his career, but to think a club would pay him $1 million a season for seven years for a guy that averages 12 touches a game, it blows my mind.

“Some players are just in the right place at the right time when they’re out of contract.”

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