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Melbourne’s budget: Make a pitch to Mitch Georgia-Dees


Every club has a wishlist but every club also has a budget.

But not many out there know exactly what is on said list or exactly what each club has up their sleeve to spend.

Josh Jenkins has given each of the 18 clubs a round $1 million figure to spend THIS trade period on a player or players they require.

This is a hypothetical look at what a club needs, but ensuring the players in question are somewhat gettable and the deals are not fanciful.

It is what Jenkins thinks is needed and how the clubs in question should spend their $1m.

Next up from JJ is the Melbourne Demons.

Melbourne’s budget – Make Mitch an offer he can’t refuse to become Georgia-Dees

Jenkins believes the Demons should aggressively target Port Adelaide forward Mitch Georgiades.

“The best presenters in the AFL is what they tell me,” he said on AFL Trade Radio’s Trade Mornings.

“If you meet with the Dees as a player, you will be swept off your feet, I’ve heard that a few times.

“I’ve thrown up this guy before, and you have to sway him to leave his club, and the club aren’t going to be keen for him to leave.

“And you’re going to have to sway him from jumping on a plane from Adelaide to Perth and get him on one from Adelaide to Melbourne.

“Mitch Georgiades, go and present to him, convince him to take the meeting and say, ‘We’ve got big Max Gawn for first use, we’ve got ‘Clarry’ (Clayton Oliver) and we’ve got Christian (Petracca), we will get you that many opportunities to get your hands on the cherry it’s not funny’.

“Tom McDonald can go in and do the second rucking, Georgiades will still be a number two in terms of size next to (Ben) Brown or McDonald.

“I’ve got massive upside hopes for Georgiades, I think he can turn into one of not big marking forwards, but one of the better marking forwards in the game.

“He’s only 192cm, he’s not genuine key forward size, but he can jump on packs, in packs, over packs, he can stand on heads.

“What he can do, he can take a grab and he’s only going to get better and better, he generates a lot of shots on goal for a young forward.

“Melbourne, you don’t necessarily don’t have to spend the whole million on him, but first page, $750k. I have great faith that the young man will quickly be worth $750k.”

Listen to Jenkins’ budget below:

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