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Wade Graham reveals the selfless act that delayed contract extension talks


Cronulla Sharks backrower Wade Graham has opened up on why his contract extension talks took over 12 months to finalise and the commitment he has made to the club.

Graham, who has played 231 games for the Sharks, was off contract on November 1 but admitted he had no interest in leaving the Shire.

The current Sharks skipper's name was heard amongst possible retirement rumours but he was adamant about having at least one more year at Cronulla.

“It was a fairly easy conversation, to be honest, me and Fitzy (Craig Fitzgibbon) were in constant dialogue throughout the year,” Graham said on SEN 1170 Afternoons.

“We sort of knew where we were heading towards the backend of the year, it was more of a timing thing and a priority thing, the club’s priority and obviously my priority.

“We’ve got a lot of guys coming off contract here who are not only the future and the right now of the club, these are the guys who need to be looked after ASAP.”

The Sharks were one of the busier sides when it came to squad retention, re-signing 15 players for 2023, but will have their hands full as a further 14 players come off contract this season

“We’ve got a number of guys who are important and integral to the club going forward, I was happy for them to take priority and the club to get the future of those guys sorted out,” Graham added.

“As soon as the season finished it was pretty simple, the conversation between me and Fitzy had moved to get it done, it was just a matter of timing.”

Graham will continue his pre-season training with the Sharks whilst simultaneously assisting in the CBA negotiations as the board director of the RLPA.

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