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AFL winners and losers: The results from finals week one and who it says more about


Who does it say more about? September edition!

The results from the first week of finals can say plenty, whether it be about the winners or the losers.

SEN Breakfast’s Kane Cornes and Nathan Buckley went through each of the games and discussed which team the result speaks volumes about.

Collingwood (60) defeated Melbourne (53)

Cornes: “I think it speaks volumes of Melbourne.

“They’re still in a very good position and don’t be surprised if it’s Collingwood and Melbourne facing off in a Grand Final. 85 per cent of their game is in excellent order, they defend so well.

“To keep Collingwood to 37 entries was a terrific performance. Yep, they’ve got some issues with their forward line which they have had in the past, but they’re going to give themselves a shot.

“Their contest work is excellent, their defence is rock solid and that is what wins you finals.

“They just win this week, they win comfortably against Carlton and (then) a fascinating game with the two differing styles when they take on Brisbane in a prelim at the Gabba.

“That’s the way I see it and I think Simon Goodwin and his team would still be feeling reasonably confident about the prospect of winning another premiership, albeit their road has been made a bit more problematic.”

Carlton (74) defeated Sydney (68)

Buckley: “I think it was a fairly evenly matched game… it’s validation for Carlton, so I’m going to go with them.

“Tom McCartin held Charlie Curnow really well, Harry McKay didn’t have a lot to do, but I think Carlton’s all-over team structure and depth of their bottom six was the tale of the tape.

“They kept Sydney to 46 inside 50s which is pretty good, Sydney has been an aggressive ball use side but I think Carlton, with their consistent pressure on ball with their really solid structure behind it, they were taking intercept marks (at will).

“(Jacob) Weitering, (Brodie) Kemp, (Alex) Cincotta won some one-on-ones and then you’ve got (Mitch) McGovern, who hasn’t had to play a big role but I just thought their pressure on ball was where it's at.

“So for them to be able to stand up and get that job done under pressure given where they were three months ago, the Blues fans would be rapt about it.

“(Jack) Martin will be a significant domino to fall… and (Harry) McKay too. So there’s a little bit of playing around that needs to happen in the front half.

“I think they’re up against it. They beat Melbourne the last time these two sides played, both teams are going to have their troubles in the front third… but Carlton would be rapt with what they’ve been able to achieve.

“To get a finals win this season is beyond the expectation 12 weeks ago.”

St Kilda (77) defeated by Greater Western Sydney (101)

Cornes: “I think it speaks volumes about the Giants.

“They’ve won at 11 different venues this year which speaks to the resilience of the group, how well they are led by Toby Greene… they’ve won at Adelaide Oval, so that would hold no fears for them (this weekened against Port Adelaide).

“I think their preparation has been better than Port Adelaide’s considering they would have landed on Saturday night in Sydney, get the extra night.

“Port Adelaide looked tired, they looked weary, they looked banged up, they’ve got personnel issues. So they (GWS) would be feeling really confident about their progression through to a prelim.

“I’m not convinced on their key forwards. Are you going to trust Jake Riccardi in a final? Jesse Hogan’s been okay, but I think that would be a weakness of theirs.

“They got a lot of goals out of their midfield on the weekend… but their game is just in good order, they’re well-balanced inside and outside, speed across half-back, my only query would be on their key forwards.

“But with (Jack) Buckley and (Sam) Taylor behind the ball fit and firing, they’re a difficult proposition.”

Brisbane (123) defeated Port Adelaide (75)

Buckley: “You can’t go past Brisbane.

“It speaks to how strong they are at home. Defensivley, they’ve been really strong and Port Adelaide were always going to come with energy and bring their best, and I thought they did for the most part.

“Brisbane, they played with authority, they were able to impose their brand over four quarters and eventually they blew out a side that was entrenched in the top four throughout the year.

“We saw more than cameo roles played from players who haven’t been asked to be in the best four or five players in their side… (Cam) Rayner stood up, (Jaspa) Fletcher kicked three and had 16 off a wing, (Darcy) Wilmot and (Keidean) Coleman off the back were excellent and (Hugh) McLuggage, who hasn’t been a first-choice midfielder but has moved in there since Ashcroft has gone down, (was also brilliant).

“We heard it in Cam Rayner’s voice (post-game), they’re pretty confident and they know that they’ve got everything to play for and they’ve got the goods.”

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