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Cornes and King “vehemently disagree” on St Kilda’s 2024 hopes


Kane Cornes and David King couldn’t disagree more on St Kilda’s prospects in 2024.

Coming off a finals berth in 2023 – in Ross Lyon’s first season back at the helm – some have the Saints as sliders while others have them as risers in 2024.

King sees the Saints improving and he thinks the young side is one of a couple of teams who could even break into the top four.

As for Cornes, he expects the Saints to lose 11 or fewer games as he thinks other clubs simply have more talent on their list overall.

The duo discussed St Kilda’s hopes next campaign on SEN Breakfast.

Cornes: “I'm saying a finals win is an improvement.

“Kingy is sort of a bit vague, are they on the track to a premiership? I don't know what your judgment is.

“What's a pass mark?”

King: “I'll give you something of the teams that could potentially break into the top four - that aren't there at the moment – I think St Kilda are a fair chance.

“They're one of two or three that could potentially rise into the top four. “Do you agree?”

Cornes: “No, I vehemently disagree.”

King: “You're very negative on the Saints. “(Mitch) Owens and (Marcus) Windhager, you should see them.”

Cornes: “Windhager is a good role player.”

King: “You need them though.”Cornes: “You do, but he’s got some limitations on his game. I love him. I love his fitness, his running power, his discipline, he can play a role … but when he's got the footy in his hands, he turns it over.

“He's not going to be a player that's going to drive you.

“Owens is terrific and (Mattaes) Phillipou, I'm with you. But every club's got a few, look at North, they got 10 of those. North have got 10 Phillipous and Windhagers, they are everywhere.”

King: “You've said some silly things this week. They don't have got 10 Phillipous.”

Cornes: “I might be exaggerating, but what I'm saying is every club has a good couple of young players.

“I'm excited about Mitch Owens. We all love Mitch Owens.”

King: “Why can't you be excited about young people just grabbing hold of a footy club?”

Cornes: “I just think there are other lists that are better.”

King: “But there are other coaches that are poorer than Ross Lyon … they won 13 games last year and I think they'll be winning 14 or 15 this year.

“Where that finishes, I've got no idea, whether that's fifth or fourth or who cares?”

Cornes: “The line for the Saints is 11.5 wins.”

King: “Oh, get on board. Are you?”

Cornes: “I’m going under for that.”

St Kilda open their 2024 season with a Round 1 clash against Geelong at GMHBA Stadium on Saturday, March 16.

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