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“Get it right! It annoys me”: Esava error highlights Malcolm Blight's pet hate in footy


Australian football Legend Malcolm Blight has expressed his frustration with the crucial mistake made by Port Adelaide key defender Esava Ratugolea on Saturday night.

Kysaiah Pickett snapped for goal early in the second quarter – a shot that would have fallen short of the goal line had Ratugolea taken the mark out in his hands as opposed to on his chest.

The key defender’s mistake, and players marking on their chest in general, frustrates Blight.

“I sit and watch the most games I possibly can. The most criticism I have for our game and individual players, which is aligned with coaching, is why they go for chest marks when they can use their hands,” Blight told SEN SA’s Sportsday.

“It’s also in general play. How many times do you see a fist in because the guy’s gone for a chest mark?

“I was taught as a kid – always meet the ball at its highest point, then it’s difficult for your opponent to get a fist in. Don’t stand there and mark on your chest.

“I think I see it four or five times in every game I see. Son, get the ball at its highest point!

“They can all mark. Go watch them at training. That was a huge moment in the game.

“Get it right! It annoys me. It was one of my pet hates in footy.”

Port Adelaide

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