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Why Wayne Bennett “will fix” the Rabbitohs after confirming his return to the club


One of rugby league’s greatest ever forwards, who played under Wayne Bennett for 254 games, has given an insight into what makes the super coach successful despite being the oldest coach in the NRL.

Bennett will continue his coaching career with the South Sydney Rabbitohs after signing a three-year deal to return to the club that he took to a grand final in 2021.

The move means the 74-year-old’s career will exceed 1000 premiership games during his second stint with the Rabbitohs.

But Shane Webcke, who won four premierships under Bennett at the Broncos, said there was one reason why the current Dolphins coach would continue to be successful when he moves back to Sydney.

“I think people are really perplexed about Wayne and then talk about his age and think how is he going to keep doing it,” he said on SENQ Mornings.

“I’ll tell you a story, a little bit of insight… when he went to St George… we’re down at Wolloongong, they were training down there and I got there early enough that I was able to watch training.

“So I’m watching training and thinking this will be interesting, I’ll see what’s new, what innovations have occurred and how different things have become since I’ve been a player, how different Wayne was doing things.

“Well I sat there for about an hour and a half and recognised every single drill, I recognised the patterns in which he did things, I recognised everything. I would suggest to you that he’s pretty much doing the same things that he’s always done.

“His view is this, and I agree with him, the same things that have always won a game of rugby league are the same things that are always going to win a game of rugby league.

“You have to have the will, the intent, so his trainings were always pointed towards the resilience, the patterns and the mind numbingly repetitive stuff that you’ve got to be good at to win games of rugby league.

“I think the reason for his sustained success over a long period of time across different clubs, I think what it is, is that he’s kept it simple, he hasn’t made rocket science out of being a rugby league coach.”

Webcke also believed Bennett was not motivated by money to return to Souths, instead he said he was motivated by the challenge of turning the club around.

“I think he’ll go back to Souths… people are going to say it’s a pay day and all that… but understand what drives the man… it’s because there’s a challenge,” he said.

“He looks at Souths, looks at that club and thinks they’re a whole lot better than that… he will look at that and think I’m going to try and fix that and I’ll lay out money that he will fix it.”

Bennett has his Dolphins team in fourth on the NRL ladder with a clash against the Warriors in Auckland ahead on Sunday.

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